I finally finished the bag I was knitting for a friend. it took alot of sweat and tears and frogging to get the buttonhole handle bit right … and then I had the 2nd handle to do

It’s from 25 bags to knit by Emma King. I added some gorgeous yellow golden with a hint of red lining that I found and I had some great appreciation my dudelet who said “wow a treasure bag, it’s beautiful – can you knit me one exactly like that … except in blue”. Ah I treasure these days.

I can see why finishing a project is hard, it took alot longer than I thought and as it’s my first bag a couple of goes at lining to get the measurements right!


I postponed our holiday because Dudelet wanted to go to a party (He’s only 4!). Well actually it’s also because I’d seen a DPNS knitting lesson at a knit shop I found not too far away on the day we were meant to leave so I was easily persuaded when he suggested, ney insisted on going on the Sunday! It was great! It’s much easier to have someone show you esp if you are time short and often too tired to check out stuff online if and when you have a free moment. I also found out how to do a Long Tail Cast-on – thanks nickerjack.

If anyone is looking for a great shop and also knitting lessons and you’re passing Putney here it is Stash – they’ve got an online shop too. Lucky for my purse I had to scurry off to take Dudelet to his party as they had lots of scrummy yarns.

For some reason WordPress emails me as Katie – I thought I was replying to a commentor and it fact I was talking to myself until I noticed!! O well off to knit some more …

Ok so they all have disclaimers about colours not necessarily being accurate but not being able to get to the shops I took a risk. Surely they could get a more accurate image sample than the one they got! Mine is much closer – the middle red one is what all sites deem as Crushed Velvet, the one in my hand is a more accurate sample in whatever light you look at it! I will have to add this to my stash …
This is meant to match that?!

I try to do some knitting and some yoga inbetween looking after dudelet and dudelette ( who is currently desperate to type something so here goes) –

v ยง1l;kkkk ;mnmn nn mnnnnnh

– amazing thats the sort of thing she usually sais too (7 months old)

12mm needles

12mm needles

I just bought some size 12mm needles from John Lewis. I did a double take when I saw them – they’re as big as my fingers! I thought the sales woman might laugh at me as they are so elephantine, needless to say she didn’t. I also bought some superchunky wool from their sale and some bamboo tape to stash and ogle over until I find a pattern for it. This knitting business may well be the downfall of my anti-hoarding attempts.

Giant needles are quite difficult to use as they keep slipping out of their purls.

My 4 year old thinks they are great as they make great swords or giant wands and he’s right!

I’m finally there as superschunky! My last invite must’ve gone straight into my spam folder. It looks great. Just have to find my way around.

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