I’ve had this Kiki doll pattern bookmarked for about 2 years and started the head & body back then (Update: hmm looks like the Kiki link now defaults to iCloud closed. Thank goodness I finished her in time !). I had searched and searched for a nice classy doll as opposed to weird 70 style.
And now I’ve finally finished her!!


My 4.5 yr old is obssesed by Tangled so I decided to do rapunzel. I intended to make a princess dress making it up as I went along but it started to look like a tutu so I made it into a ballet dress instead! My daughter is very pleased with it and has asked for lots of clothes for her.




20120610-113827.jpg Thanks to Planet June for this pear pattern. Having wanted something for a doorstop instead of the old bag of cat food holding it open I thought a pear shape would be nice. I used a 12mm hook & chunky wool, following same stitches etc and a sock full bag of rice within the stuffing. Because of the rice I didn’t pull the stalk or ends right through the pear.

… They say it’s easy. I’m on my fifth attempt at a granny square hexagon and I think I’m finally there!

Here’s some pics of the 1st three attempts- the top 1st two being the same pattern and yarn!

Not sure why I found it so hard, probably not counting properly. Now the difficult thing is finishing the hex with dc – the single chains between the trevbes seem quite difficult to do

I’ve been scouring the library & friends for all crochet books and this was one of the last ones I got hold of. It seems to have some of the best instructions that any of them have, it has good pictures which make sense (how many do you stare at when you start, going … duh … what .. how …) but the 1st projects are – whoah – seem v complicated to the beginner – I’ve just made a flower which you create a chain round the back of a round – that’s the 1st project?!