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I’ve had this Kiki doll pattern bookmarked for about 2 years and started the head & body back then (Update: hmm looks like the Kiki link now defaults to iCloud closed. Thank goodness I finished her in time !). I had searched and searched for a nice classy doll as opposed to weird 70 style.
And now I’ve finally finished her!!


My 4.5 yr old is obssesed by Tangled so I decided to do rapunzel. I intended to make a princess dress making it up as I went along but it started to look like a tutu so I made it into a ballet dress instead! My daughter is very pleased with it and has asked for lots of clothes for her.




20120610-113827.jpg Thanks to Planet June for this pear pattern. Having wanted something for a doorstop instead of the old bag of cat food holding it open I thought a pear shape would be nice. I used a 12mm hook & chunky wool, following same stitches etc and a sock full bag of rice within the stuffing. Because of the rice I didn’t pull the stalk or ends right through the pear.

My knitting pattern says “make 2 button loops” and hey presto your knit is finished. I’ve searched and searched – help – are loops crochet not knitted? And if so where are some Simple instructions!

I’ve always been put off booties but I have found a fabulous pattern, free here from Saartjes bootees (fab site) cutest cutest booties

It’s taken me nearly 3 months since amongst other things it entails a Long tail Cast On, months ago I checked out a couple of sites and it looked Really Complicated. Since plucking up courage yesterday and doing another search I found it’s my usual cast on – heck what’s going on. Anyway nearly finished bar the button loops and luckily my dudlette even with her large feet won’t fit them yet as I used larger wool and larger needles than the pattern!

O no I’ve just seen the cutest kittie pattern but it uses DPNs – had to look that up – double pointed needles – not sure I’m quite up to that yet 😦

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