I’ve invented a new stitch, well it probably has a name but I haven’t seen it in my knitting book. Its a rib gone wrong but it’s quite nice so I’ve kept it. It was meant to be a single rib but the book says cast on an odd number so i did but I started with a knit stitch every time which seemed easier to remember and I didn’t read the instructions properly as per usual. I’m not sure why you can’t start with an even number of stitches and start with a knit each time to get the same effect as an odd number and knit / purl each row??

Anyway this is the 3rd attempt at a v simple scarf for (un)relaxed dad. I might have it finished before the weather turns warmer.

Note: it probably sais this in my Knitting Bible but don’t use garter stitch for a scarf unless you want a tubular one that curls at the edges!