I postponed our holiday because Dudelet wanted to go to a party (He’s only 4!). Well actually it’s also because I’d seen a DPNS knitting lesson at a knit shop I found not too far away on the day we were meant to leave so I was easily persuaded when he suggested, ney insisted on going on the Sunday! It was great! It’s much easier to have someone show you esp if you are time short and often too tired to check out stuff online if and when you have a free moment. I also found out how to do a Long Tail Cast-on – thanks nickerjack.

If anyone is looking for a great shop and also knitting lessons and you’re passing Putney here it is Stash – they’ve got an online shop too. Lucky for my purse I had to scurry off to take Dudelet to his party as they had lots of scrummy yarns.