So I finished dudelets scarf – he loves it but refuses to wear it – he likes to go out in the frost with no coat on. (un)relaxed dad has taken to wearing it – I hear negotiations taking place in the hallway and dudelet finally agrees he can wear it until supermum has knitted another one for (un)relaxed dad …

On another note I bought this cute Knit A Monkey for our childminders 10 year old who has previously asked for my help to cast on. It looks like a great learning to knit kit and have nearly thought of buying one for myself – but hey the challenge is on. Once I’ve made my stuffie I can try a monkey.

Knit a monkey

And onto my current projects on the go – my jumper – see below. I re-started, following a pattern and happily aimed for the 88 stockinette stitches for the back of the jumper before anything exciting such as shortening the rows etc starts. I get to 86 stitches and the project seems to be mysteriously on hold, I can see its going to take a long time, hopefully ready for next winter.