… finish something. My brand spanking new DPNS have arrived and a lovely mink coloured wool for the kitties. But I must finish dudelets scarf. He’s so appreciative at the moment “mummy, mummy what are you knitting”; “a jumper”; “is it for me, can you knit one for me”. He insited I knit him a scarf so I set off with a blue fat wool (not too expensive, I have visions of him losing it the first day) but half way through when he saw it he insisted I use the red wool from the bag (below) – Big Wool from Rowan – as “it is much cosier”! What good taste he has. He has also tried to get (un)relaxed dad to use my new woolly red bag – to (un)relaxed dad’s horror though he somehow managed to distract him and set out with a manly plastic bag instead.

But back to the point of finishing a project. I wanted to add a little pirate motif to his scarf but I can’t find anything on how to do this – is it Instarsia? But that looks like a jumble of wool ends on one side so how to add a pattern to a 2 sided garment??