My first bag

My first ever completed project after the obligatory hats. (un)relaxed dad loves the idea of me knitting and headed off and got me a load of knitting items for my last birthday … a bag book, some cute red chuncky needles and some expensive looking wool (rowan) and other bits and pieces. God knows how the knitting owner who advised him on the wool etc & was told I was a beginner expected me to do a chunky beaded cable knit bag for my 1st bag project. Well a year later, disheartened by the adaption of the bag to my own creation & difficulties understanding the flower pattern (hey it’s so easy once I deciphered the instructions) I have finally finished it and am well please with it. The only thing is I can’t imagine using it as is, it seems to need some sort of lining otherwise surely everything will get in a tangle in the wool? Any advice?