I suppose you describe me as a “get your freak on” knitter according to the Stitch and Bitch definition of knitters. I hate following patterns and reading instructions. So this next project is a bit of a mish mash of ideas! As always I start following a pattern and then deviated. It started as as side for a cardigan, then I decided a 7 inches into it that there was no way it would fit me so it became the start of a sleeve with an interesting large ribbed sleeve edge. Then i wondered if it would be too narrow so I increased a couple of stitches. I now have some small buttonholes … then I read the method for not showing increased stitches …. hmm I’m considering it a learning on the job project. So the wool finished and I started a new ball. But the start of this wool doesn’t match the end of the first ball – how on earth do you deal with that – I haven’t read anything about this. I continued knitting but an inch into it I realised that I hated the sharp edge, the effect is meant to be soft lines so I went for it and frogged back. Cutting the new wool at the appropriate colour I started again and much happier. It didn’t help I put all the stitches on back to front and then individually had to twist the purls the correct way round. I also learnt how to drop and extra stitch so now I have a gaping ladder looking affect which i am assured by the book can be sorted, I’ll leave that to the end. I have now ordered some more wool as I am surprisingly unperturbed by the effort of this one is taking on me.

Here is a terrible picture of before and after and any advice on using multicoloured wool would be gratefully recieved.