Woo I just found a community I can belong too.  I’ve ‘found’ knitting. As dudelet was stuck in a cast for 5 weeks and by week 4 slowely growing crazy with too much CBeebies and my nails bitten to the quick I came up with the fab idea of knitting. I got right into it, took 2 nights to knit dudelet my very first hat, thou he didn’t want to try it on as ‘we aren’t outside’ …

I tried once before when i was 17, insiting my mum cast on and off as it was too complicated, now something clicked – it’s a doddle, maybe as you get older it’s easier? Is that why it’s associated with witches and old people.

Anyway with my birthday looming and before my fad faded, (un)relaxed dad bought me a load-a-balls, a knitting recipe book and some knitting gizmos, so I suppose I will have to carry on.  O how I laughed when the ladeez at work talked about when men get into something they go the full hog and buy up all the gadgets – that’s when I met my very first knitter in real life, laughing about men … where’s the cauldron. We’ve already traded knitting sites – the nauticalus knitting one – and we dream togther of the day we can hold 3 needles. THREE needles are we mad, it’s enough to put you off.